Active Response Training

Law Enforcement Emergency Tactical Medical Response (LEETMR)

Law Enforcement Emergency Tactical Medical Response Training:

Target Audience: Law Enforcement, Military and Government Agencies Only

Course Lengths Available:

❖ 4 Hour Course
❖ 6 Hour Course
❖ 8 Hour Course
❖ 2 Day Course
❖ 3 Day Course
❖ 4 Day Course
❖ 5 Day Course

Course Description:

Law Enforcement Emergency Tactical Medical Response (LEETMR) Training is a highly specialized interactive training program, providing the foundation for implementing lifesaving initiatives. The LEETMR training program will prepare your personnel to respond and mitigate life-threatening injuries in a hostile related environment. LEETMR training will result in a more responsive and confident force, prepared and proficient in severe bleeding control and life-saving techniques. The course is founded on the principles of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) and its curriculum is consistent with the Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) guidelines. This course also meets the Hartford Consensus document recommendations on improving survival from active shooter events.

Course Topics Include:
Evidence-based trauma skills learned from years of research and real-world experience include:

❖ Care Under Fire (CUF)
❖ Tactical Field Care
❖ Tactical Evacuation Care
❖ Shock Recognition and Treatment
❖ Tourniquet Application Techniques
❖ Bleeding Control
❖ Hemostatic Agents
❖ Airway Management
❖ Chest / Abdominal Wound Management
❖ Basic Wound Care / Severe Wound Care
❖ Self-Aid/Officer Aid
❖ Patient Assessment and Documentation
❖ Patient Packaging and Movement
❖ Integration with Evacuation / Transportation Units
❖ Planning, Briefing and Communication


All medical training equipment and course materials will be provided. Wear comfortable, durable pants and tops, that you don’t mind getting stained. This will be an interactive course.

❖ Protective Eyewear
❖ Ear Protection
❖ Gloves
❖ Range Training Uniform (long sleeves)
❖ Durable Cargo Style Pants
❖ Tactical Gear (plate carrier, gun belt, helmet)
❖ Closed-Toe Shoes or Boots
❖ Handgun or Carbine (both if possible)
❖ Individual First Aid Kit (IFAK’s) or Department Issued First Aid Kit if available
❖ Water Bottle
❖ Rain Coat if weather conditions apply

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