MFAK First Aid KitImagine a med kit so compact it was the length and width of an iPhone…. O wait there is such a med kit. It’s called the MFAK (Mini First Aid Kit). This kit is made by North American Rescue, a well-known supplier to the military for its tourniquets. This small first aid kit is as compact as it gets while still packing the most critical essentials needed to treat traumatic injuries and lifesaving bleed control. I mean seriously, it’s about the size of a newborn honey badger.

Each kit is made of a 500 Denier rugged nylon bag that opens from the side in a clam shell style.  It has two main sleeves that open on both ends for easy access to a CAT Gen 7 Tourniquet and features multiple elastic loops for securing of gear. This mini kit brings a Hyfin Compact Chest Seal Twin Pack, 4-inch Flat Emergency Trauma Dressing, Nitrile gloves to keep your paws from getting contaminated, and it can even be upgraded to come with Combat Gauze (a hemostatic agent to clot blood). If you order the basic model it still has all those components with S-Rolled gauze for wound packing instead of the Combat Gauze. The MFAK is also very affordable ranging from $115-$150, some people spend that on a weekend of outdoor hobbies. This kit could save your life or the life of a loved one someday. It’s worth the price.

And Don’t you worry about how or where you are going to carry this thing. You can give one to your kid or wife with how small this med kit is. This thing is super compact with a platform that allows attachment both vertically (MOLLE backing) and horizontally (3 in. belt loop). You can easily throw this thing in your hiking pack, glove compartment, baby bag, or even keep it in your cargo pocket. The MFAK is a great EDC medical kit to carry any place you go. If you need it small and compact, the MFAK is more than likely your best choice when it comes to having a first responder kit! Remember the time chooses you. Stop the bleed quickly… get an MFAK.

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