Release from Liability Waiver

These items are packaged for use by trained emergency responders. I agree by completing the order of these products and all products contained therein, I acknowledge and certify that I am a medically trained professional authorized by Federal, State, and/or Local policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, protocols, and/or laws to purchase and use these products. Furthermore, I verify that I am not shipping these products outside the US. By purchasing these products, the purchaser warrants and attests that they have the necessary training, certifications and/or authorizations to properly deploy and use these products. The purchaser also assumes any and all liability for events arising from their use of the products and will not hold any person or business associated with GRITBORN, LLC nor the company of GritBorn, LLC, civilly or criminally liable. I have agreed to GRITBORN, LLC’s Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

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