Stay Frosty: Active Shooter Incident Preparedness

‚ÄčThe holidays are a time to travel to see family and friends or simply for enjoyment. A lot of other people will be traveling, too. This can make traveling more frustrating and more dangerous. While no one likes to think that something could happen to them, especially around the holidays, it’s best to protect yourself. Here are the top holiday travel safety tips.

1. Keep important documents and extra money locked away

Some people make the big mistake of carrying their passport and all their cash on them at all times. Once you safely make it to your destination, it’s best to put passports and additional cash away for safe keeping. If you do get robbed, you’ll still have these important items.

2. Keep in contact with others

Check in with friends and family regularly. Send them pictures, texts, and emails. You should also call them. Not only will they appreciate hearing about your trip, but checking in regularly can help authorities track you in the case that you go missing.

3. Adapt to local customs

When you go to a foreign location, you don’t want to stand out. Even more, you don’t want to offend anyone. Research the local customs to stay on top of them. Wear the proper clothing, and do your best to blend in. You should even do your best to learn some common phrases. Standing out as a foreigner will only make you a target.

4. Write down emergency information

If something does happen to you, you need to direct people correctly. Write down the information of a person to call after an emergency. You should also write down any important medical information, such as allergies. If you get into an accident, the doctors will be able to tend to you properly with this information. Keep this information in your wallet or on your person.

5. Don’t be too open

It’s great to get to know local people and make friends. However, you don’t want to get too chummy with strangers. After a few cocktails, you may start providing information that makes you vulnerable. As one of our holiday travel tips, be careful of what you say. You don’t necessarily want to provide your last name, where you hide your money, or passwords. Even the most friendly locals can be convincing and have ill intentions if you aren’t careful.

6. Travel insurance

You have the option to purchase travel insurance. Travel insurance can cover a variety of things, depending on your needs. It can cover a cancellation for pre-specified reasons as well as lost luggage. It can also cover medical problems or your return home in the case of a medical emergency. This can be valuable in places with less than adequate health care or for people with serious illness.

7. Be careful about the water

While water in many places is perfectly fine, you should do your research before drinking the water. Many places recommend only drinking bottled water due to contamination. You don’t want to waste your vacation sick. You should also research food in the area to learn if there is any food you should avoid while in the area.

8. Be aware

Keep your eyes open at all times. Pay attention to your surroundings and stay lucid. You should also be aware of where your cell phone and your wallet are at all times. Wear clothing with secure pockets that fully zip. This will make it harder for anyone to sneak in your pocket when you aren’t looking.

Holiday travel tips can help keep you safe during your trip. When you follow the travel safety tips, you will come home with everything in tact and a great experience.

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